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Sticky accelerator

I have a 2005 Pacifica and the accelerator pedal is “sticky.” It is a little bit hard to push down. Once it’s past that initial point it’s fine. There are 55k miles on the car. Is this something I can fix?

On my Grand prix it stuck then I first drove the car. I had a friend clean the throttle plate. Problem solved

I would lube the throttle plate and the cable with white lithium grease. Chrysler may have a TSB on this. If they don’t they can lube the throttle plate and cable with white lithium grease, charge you $85.00 an hour and then charge you more when they don’t fix it right the first time. OK, I ADMIT THAT I AM SLIGHTLY BITTER BUT MOSTLY CORRECT.

2005 Pacifica has a 7 year, 70000 mile warranty on the drivetrain. I think all cars sold have an 8 year 80,000 mile warranty on the pollution controls. Since that might be a part of your problem, a trip to a dealer where you clearly say its a warranty claim before they touch it might be in order.