Accelerator pedals



The accelerator pedal in my 2002 Avalon began to stick, in the “up” position, when I had about 25,000 miles on the car. The dealer said the throttle body assembly required cleaning and suggested that I run a few tanks of premium gasoline through the engine. After about a tank or two, the sticking stopped. There are now approximately 90,000 miles on the car, and the problem has not recurred. Apart from the oddity of this history (why would the throttle body require cleaning after 25,000 miles but never again?), I am wondering if the problem I experienced might be related to the current problem of Toyota accelerator pedals sticking in the “down” position. Any ideas?


No, you have a cable attachment from the pedal to the throttle. The new Toyotas don’t a physical connection between the throttle and the pedal. The pedals are sticking on the new Toyotas, the throttle stuck on yours.