Stick shift is sticking



A question on a 97’ Toyota Corolla - manual:

I had the clutch replaced on this car because the stick shift suddenly wouldn’t shift into 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear out of nuetral. It was a hazardous circumstance.

After the clutch replacement, the problem has has re-occurred again and again. The mechanic cannot figure out what the matter is. I believe something hasn’t been addressed or that the shop didn’t install this clutch correctly. My question is - what is wrong and what can I do to fix it?


This car should have a hydraulic clutch linkage. It could be a problem with the hydraulic clutch assembly leaking, and not disengaging the clutch properly. We also had a problem once with the linkage under the dashboard with a broken connector that would not let the clutch totally dis-engage. That fix was a couple of hours and a $35 part.

I also had my '88 Toyota Supra have a similar problem. This was due to a bad master cylinder. I replaced the master an slave cylinder together to fix that, and it cost more like $100 for parts.