Have to pump clutch to get 99 Honda stick shift in gear

I read online that this may be a safety switch problem rather than a entire clutch replacement. Any ideas?

More likely the hydraulics are failing. Master and slave cylinders should be replaced as a set.

The safety switch is for the starter circuit. It prevents starting the engine unless the clutch is depressed. It has nothing to do with moving the shifter into first gear.

Thanks–I will check it out!

Any chance the hydraulic fluid could be a little low?

You both are right! The mechanic immediately spotted the leak in the master cylinder AND the hydraulic fluid was out. The slave cylinder looked OK. We filled up the fluid, which will keep me going until Monday when the master will be replaced (& slave if needed).

Thanks so much–was great to get confirmation on the problem!

Thanks sincerely for the feedback.

Have a beautiful holiday.

And thanks to you. I went from baffled to confident in knowing what was going on and meeting with the mechanic. Forever grateful!!