Stuck Gear Shift

This is what’s wrong with my 1998 Honda CR-V manual transmission.

When it’s off, the gear stick works normally. However, when I start the car, the gear stick gets stuck and won’t move to change gears. It happened before a couple times and if I warmed the car up for about 10 minutes it worked normally again, and normally the next time I drove it. However, this morning, the gear shift would not work even after warming it up, except when the car was turned off.


Something is probably wrong with your clutch, which is hydraulic, I think. Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder, see if it’s up to the full mark. If not, you have a leak somewhere, a shop could tell you. Follow the owners manual instructions on filling it up, see if that helps.

It was empty. I filled it up and it still doesn’t work. Anyway I can get it running enough to be able to drive it to a mechanic?

Try pumping the clutch pedal up & down 37,000 times or until you feel the pedal firm up. Whichever comes first.

The nice thing about you Honda is the clutch slave is mounted to the outside of the transmission. On my Fords the trans has to come out.

If your clutch master cylinder was empty, then you have a leak somewhere in your master or slave cylinder. They either need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Your step of just refilling the master cylinder doesn’t get the air out of the system. It must be bled. But get the faulty parts fixed first.

don’t forget check the fluid in the tranaxle