Steering wheel turns when brake

I have my Toyota 2000 4 Runners having a slightly problem. When I paddle the brake at the Stop or traffic light, the wheel turns (mostly anti-clockwise) a little bit like 10 to 20 degrees. It doesn’t turn all the time but especailly when the car is going slightly downhill such as when I paddle the brake and stop from parking lot onto the main road. The road is a little dip down or sometimes in front of the traffic light and it was slightly inclined. I don’t know if this normal or not. Does anybody know what the problem I have? Please let me know if I have to send the 4 Runners to the dealer. Thanks ahead!


Its completely abnormal an represents a potentially quite dangerous problem, likely in the brakes or suspension. Your next drive should be a very gentle one to the nearest trustworthy local mechanic. You can take it to a dealer if you want but you usually just get more expensive service from them rather than better service.

The first two things that would come to my mind are a restricted flexible front brake line (probably on the passenger’s side, but you would have both replaced), or a bad front strut.

The danger is that if you ever had to brake hard you stand a good chance of immediately and uncontrollably ending up in the oncoming traffic lane.

Well it sounds like the front left caliper isn’t doing it’s job. Sounds like the caliper could be stuck.

Any decent independent mechanic can handle this type of problem. There’s no reason to go to the dealer and pay their outrageous prices.

When was the last time you had any brake work done???

Brake parts don’t wear evenly making for uneven braking. Susceptibility to road conditions vary from one side to another making what mikeinNH and cig say important considerations. An older car with out stability control, I agree makes for a more dangerous situation. You need a brake work ! Even though one side may show more need then the other, both fonts need attention, ASAP. If it happened temporarily after going through a puddle for example, it’s an acute problem. Now it’s chronic and will get worse.

One front brake is grabbing sooner and/or harder than the other. Likely rusty calipers aren’t working the pads properly. You don’t need a trip to a dealer. Just a good shop that does good brake work. Expect a big bill, for 2 new calipers, new rotors, new pads, and new fluid.

Afterwards your 4 Runner will stop great. Had a similar brake job done recently on an '01 Sequoia and the difference in braking power and performance was very noticeable.

In a panic or emergency stopping situation your truck really isn’t safe right now. Get this checked and fixed ASAP.

The Toyota dealer will replace every part they can think of with OEM parts often, no better then the after market parts used by a reputable long standing independent. But, the cost will be higher. Brake jobs are a huge money maker for Toyota. They are straight forward but very, very expensive. Both are capable of excellent work. I would get a price estimate from the Toyota dealer as a bench mark first…then shop around and save big money.

A worn ball joint or control arm can cause the truck to pull to one side, also. But whatever the cause, such a problem could make for a catastrophic situation in a panic stop. It would likely be worthwhile to get it attended to immediately at a well respected shop.

I’d go to a dealership before I went to Tuffy, Midas, or Minakee(or however you spell their name; IE doesn’t have a spell checker like FF does)