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when i press the break when driving the truck the steering wheel shakes. What do you should i check to fix the problem.

Sounds like the BRAKES rotors are warped. Need to be replaced or turned.

Victor, Your Brakes Aren’t Necessarily Breaking, But Rather Braking With Warped Rotors.

The problem is likely warped or corroded brake rotors. Check the brake rotors, pads, and calipers (for proper sliding/floating) and safety check the front-end suspension and steering for wear and play (worn out/loose components) while you’re checking.


I already replaced the breaks pads and the rotor this year or late last year, the problem went away for a couple of months and now its back. So do u think i should have them check the calipers and the suspension?

The “Break” is what makes your truck stop working. The “Brake” is what should make your truck stop moving.

The problem went away when new rotors were installed. It’s possible the rotors that were new 8 or 9 months ago are now warped. You can have then checked by a mechanic to verify whether they are warped or not.

im sorry, but i know about that already, do you have any more suggestions that i can consider to fix the problem.

Victor, A Badly Dragging Or Sticking Caliper Could Overheat A Rotor Or The Rotors Could Have Been Of Inferior Quality.

You could jack up each front wheel, press and release the brake pedal, and then see if the brakes are fully releasing and allowing the wheels to turn freely.

Has it been parked for any period of time since the brake job?

It never hurts to safety check a vehicle, particularly if it’s been a while.

What is the model-year of this 4-Runner?


Warped rotors.

It’s warped rotors, and yes, I’d have them check the calipers. It’s possible that one caliper is sticking. The resultant dragging brake could be heating the rotor and causing warpage.

The trouble is that we can’t tell from here. It needs to be looked at hands-on. One thing you yourself could do is jack up each corner and see if the wheels spin freely. If one drags, there’s a good chance it’s due to a dragging pad.

I will just add one thing. Cheap rotors warp easily.

Its not rotor warpage but rotor thickness variation and can be measured.

since you replaced the rotors and they warped again, if the rear brakes are drum, was the rear brake adjustment ever checked. the front brakes may not be the problem, if the rears are not working as they should, the fronts may be overworking, and overheating. don’t replace the front rotors unless they can’t be resurfaced to make them true, and without making sure the rears are working correctly.

As others have said it is very possible that your front brake rotors are warped or otherwise imperfect and causing your shake.

It is also possible that your REAR brakes are so completely out of adjustment that they’re making the front brakes do too much of the braking. In some cases this can make the front wheels shake. Try adjusting your rear brakes. If that doesn’t help your shake, address the front rotors.