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Uneven braking, what to try next

My 2000 Toyota 4Runner LTD 4x4 has uneven braking. It seems to slightly grab and release with the turn of the tire while decelerating at a medium rate and constant pressure (it is not felt with hard braking). It is most noticeable just before the vehicle comes to rest (between 25 and 5 mph). The pedal never pulses, it doesn?t pull left or right, there is no noticeable noise, and I can?t tell which side is causing the issue. The problem has not gone away even though I?ve had the front discs and pads replaced twice by different mechanics and purchased new tires. Do you have any suggestions on what I should have them try next?

Maybe A Caliper Or Wheel Cylinder Is “Hanging-Up”, and Not Fully Releasing.

Have the car raised and try spinning the wheels/tires to see if that is the case.
Also, somebody (technician probably) with a non-contact, infrared thermometer can measure the temperature differences on each wheel, after the the car is driven with little or no braking, and see if any are hotter, from dragging. I have one of these thermometers and have used it exactly for this. It works great!

Have you had the rear brakes checked?

While I love test equipment including infrared pyrometers, simply spinning the raised wheels by hand can easily detect not only a brake dragging (whether evenly or unevenly) and also a warped rotor or uneven frictional surface…by having someone lightly apply the brakes while you spin the wheel.