2015 Toyota 4Runner - Vibrates when braked

staring wheel and brake peddle vibrates when brakes are applied at high speed

Warped rotors.


The good news is those OEM brakes were likely near worn out anyway. And new rotors are part of a modern brake job. Get them changed out.


Odds are the brakes need to be redone both front and rear. Steering wheel vibration generally points to the fronts and brake pedal pulsation often means the rear.

Loose steering and suspension components can also mimic a brake problem. This is all assuming that you are not referring to a near panic stop from 80 MPH per the high speed comment.

Or, your abs is kicking in at low speeds? But you don’t own a GM, so that’s probably not the issue.

Do you truly believe this could only happen to GM vehicles . . . ?!