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Right Rear Wheel doesn't roll - Toyota 4Runner 2000

Hey guys,

Question for you. I have a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner with 115k miles on it. While in Colorado a month ago, we were driving down a snow covered hill and some guy banged on the window telling us the right rear wheel wasn’t spinning. We put it in reverse and it rolled fine that way but still didn’t when we headed back in drive. I goosed it a little bit and it went “bam” and drove fine after that. We were in 4 wheeel drive at the time.

Last night it happened again. I put the vehicle in drive and it wouldn’t budge. I goosed it a little again and it went “bam” and drove several feet until I stopped. It froze up again for a few more minutes. It was NOT in 4 wheel drive this time.

Is it time to dump this thing or get a new transmission in preparation for the inevitable? Or is this something I can hopefully get repaired easily?


Chris and Emily

I would look at the brake first. The caliper might be sticking.

Sounds to me like it could be something as simple as a broken brake shoe. Have the brakes checked, or pull the wheel and have a look.

Check the rubber brake hose to the caliper or drum. When they go bad they let the pressure in but not out. It’s a common problem.