Steering wheel sounds

I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu ,
I have noticed a whirling sound coming from my steering wheel whenever I am turning. I am wondering what could be the cause and should I get it checked out.
~ Courtney

Whirling sound? From the steering wheel itself? Usually a steering wheel’s sounds are limited to squeaks due to the plastic parts rubbing. Me, I’ve never heard of whirling sounds coming from a steering wheel. If you mean it occurs when you are turning, not that it is actually originating in the wheel, it could be the power steering belt is loose or needs to be replaced. And many car engines increase the idle rpm automatically when turning, so it might be a loose drive belt or, less likely, a timing belt on the fritz.

There’s a component in the steering wheel called a clock spring. The clock spring makes the electrical connection between the airbag in the steering wheel and any other controls on the steering wheel to the rest of the electrical system in the vehicle.

This works in the same mannner as a tape measure. You pull the steel tape measure out and it coils out. And it retracks back in when you’re done. The clock spring works the same way. Only instead of a steel blade coming out a thin ribbon of wire is reeled out.

A clock spring can make noise before it requires replacement. But if SRS light comes on, then you know it needs replacement.



It doesn’t not sound like a squeaking sound. I can only describe as the sound your seat belt makes when you pull to put it on ,before you buckle up. The sound has gotten louder over time.

Clock spring in the steering wheel.


is that something I should get replaced soon?

No. Wait and see if the SRS light comes on. Then replace it.