Noise from steering wheel

Hello, there is a noise from the steering wheel, what could be the reason?
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I am not familiar with your vehicle but, it could be the clock spring. The clock spring is an electrical connection that connects the buttons on your steering wheel and airbag while still allowing the wheel to spin. When this goes bad it can cause clicking or crunching when you turn the steering wheel.


So what are the consequences of using it like this?

Like I said I am not familiar with your vehicle. but the clock spring is a wound-up computer ribbon like cable. it controls the buttons on your steering wheel, including the horn and air bag I believe. if they are still working, they will eventually soon stop working. the main problem being having no horn, working air bag and having to listen to the noise when you turn the wheel.


Didn’t watch/listen to your vdo, but if it’s a squeak sort of sound, that could just be the plastic parts in the rotating part of the exterior steering column rubbing against the nearby stationary parts. Look carefully in that area, see any potential mechanical interference happening? That’s a pretty common thing in modern cars when the interior of the car gets really hot and the plastic parts expand. Something like that could happen when it gets really cold too. Any temperature correlation with this symptom?

yes , noise started 1 week ago.Weather around the -10 celsius .But i didn’t see any broken part or something

the clock spring is under the steering wheel and air bag. you won’t see it. do not try to fix it yourself or you could set off the air bag. bring it to a reputable repair shop.