Steering wheel clicks when turned at slow speeds

A month or so ago I had a run-in with a curb and had to replace a bunch of pieces in the front passenger suspension system of my '97 Honda Accord. Since then I’ve been listening really closely to the sounds my car makes out of paranoia.

I noticed that when I turn the steering wheel it clicks at two spots, but only when I turn the wheel when I’m stopped or moving <5mph, like when I pull out of my parking space. It’s pretty quiet and I don’t know that I’d pay any attention to it if I hadn’t had the accident.

Any ideas as to what this might be?

Is the noise coming from the area of the steering wheel hub/steering column?
Or, is the noise coming from further forward–under the hood or underneath the car?

If the noise is coming from the steering wheel hub, my best guess is that the Clock Spring needs to be replaced. This is the part that allows electrical current to pass into that area to power the horn, the air bag, and any other electrically powered components in the hub. If this is what needs to be replaced, the steering wheel will have to be removed, and since this involves the air bag, only a qualified mechanic should attempt this repair.

If the click is further down, it is likely coming from the CV joints; when they are are damaged they will click when you turn the wheel. Both possiblities hould be investigated.

Could the clicks be occurring at the spots at which the turn signals cancel?

I suggest you determine exactly where the steering wheel is when you hear the clicks, then put the turn signals on and turn the wheel until they cancel. Maybe they’re the same spot, which would mean it’s just the turn signal mechanism.

Road noise at higher speeds is probably masking the clicks.