Steering wheel doesn't not turn wheel

I had a problem with my heat and figured out that the problem was the actuator. I took the dashboard off after a lot of work and replaced the actuator to fix the heat problem. After putting everything back, realized that steering wheel was no longer was no longer controlling front wheels. The steering wheel moves freely. Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

The car is Crown Vic 2005.

Did you follow a procedure when you pulled the dash back or wing it? Normally one does not unhook anything that would cause that when pulling the dash back to get to the ducts.

Look behind the brake pedal where the steering shaft goes through the firewall. What do you see?? Look under the brake booster where the shaft exits the firewall. What do you see? You will have to drop the steering column, move it rearward until you can line up the slip joint and put the shaft back together…