2005 Ford Taurus loose steering wheel

Has anyone experienced a problem with a loose feeling steering wheel with this car? It just started a few months ago.

Loose . . . as in the steering wheel feels like it’s going to separate from the column?

Or there’s a lot of play?

While driving, occasionally I turn the wheel and it moves quite a bit, several inches, before the wheels actually turn - like something is loose. My mechanic, who is usually good, looked it over and said he could not find anything wrong. But it feels wrong. And since I just notices a recall on several other Fords that are several years newer than mine, I just wondered it maybe there are loose nuts or bolts on the steering column. Do you have any experience with this, or have any idea if it is a dangerous thing?? Thanks for replying to me.

Sure sounds dangerous, at least worrisome, at most catastrophic. Is there a locally-owned good shop near you that specializes in alignment work? Maybe has a name like frame and axle or alignment and brake specialist. One way I found some good ones was to ask body shops where they send the crashed cars they work on for frame and alignment work. The same shop was mentioned by more than one body shop.

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I seem to vaguely recall a problem with several Ford Racks developing play at the mounting brackets. The problem was overlooked on my first effort to find the problem but when the car returned with the same complaint I found the problem and after that I payed close attention to the mounts and mount cushions. With the car elevated and no load on the steering when turning the wheel the slack was not apparent. I believe that I corrected the problem by replacing the long mounting bolts with threaded rods locked into position and fitted with nuts and jam nuts. The local dealer had seen that problem also. The vehicles that I was dealing with were pre 2006 models though and if Ford didn’t correct the problem by 2006 shame on them but I do suggest that the mounts be closely inspected.

Rod, Thank you so much!

I agree that this is a dangerous auto to drive without getting it fixed first.

There is a U-Joint that should be near the floor board. If you follow the steering shaft to the floor you can locate this joint pretty easy. Watch the joint as you turn the wheel back and forth and you may see the play in the shaft.

If you won’t be fixing this yourself, I’d consider having it towed to your mechanic. If the joint fails completely you will lose all steering.


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Thank you very much!