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Power steering boiling!

00 Ford Crown Vic P71

My steering wheel got stiffer when I went to check the fluid the level is good. But with engine running it looks like the fluids are boiling!!!???( lots of movement inside the canister)

I doubt that it is boiling. I have to confess that I have never looked into the reservoir with the engine running so I don’t know what it is supposed to look like. How many miles are on this police car and what is the climate like? Do they use a lot of halide salts on the road where you live? The joints in the steering column might be getting corroded and “freezing up”. More common in climates where corrosion is a problem. You can put some grease on them, though there is not a grease nipple.

I also drive a 06 crown Vic taxi P70 reservoir is in a diffrent location but with the engine running when I shine the light on it there’s no movement???

It sounds like you have a small leak on the suction side of the pump. It is sucking in air and you are seeing bubbles. This is not that uncommon. Get the leak fixed and the steering effort will go back to normal.

140k bayside NY (Queens)

Remove the P.S. reservoir and clean out the filter screen you will find in the bottom. The is allow normal fluid flow instead of the high restriction you now have…(see the post about sucking air…)

You can flush the system by refilling the reservoir but direct the return hose into an empty container. Start the engine and the system will purge itself into the empty container. Reconnect the return hose, reflll the reservoir, start the engine and turn the wheel lock to lock and recheck the fluid level.

P-71 models have a cooler for the power steering system, your fluid is NOT boiling…

Thanks guys