Help!Steering Wheel Locked


Steering wheel is locked, key will go in but will not allow me to turn key in order to start the 1998 Ford Windstar.I depress the brake when attempting to turn the key but still no movement of the key. I have tried moving the wheel from side to side. It is still locked-up. Help!!!


I suggest a locksmith.


Yeah, you’ll probably need a new lock cylinder. Same thing happened to my 97 Crown Vic. Didn’t cost much for the dealer to do it, and it was done fairly quickly as well.


One other thing to try first is jiggle the gear shifter some. Could be the car isn’t registering that the shifter’s in park, and therefore won’t let you turn the key.


try jiggling the steering wheel while you turn the key


If you parked up against something you may have to find out which way the steering wheel will turn a little and you have to hold the steering wheel there until you turn the key. Usually you can do the same but with a lot less force if the front wheels are on level ground.