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Honda CR-V clicking noise when turning steering wheel

Hello! I have a 2004 Honda CR-V, 100k, just did its 90k maintenance (a little late) and also had the ball joints replaced. Brought back from the mechanic and heard clicking sound when turning wheel hard left or hard right, only at low speeds, usually when parallel parking or simply sitting in park, turning wheel back and forth. Right back to the mechanic: they checked it out, re-lubricated everything, drove it, said it was OK. I got it home, still clicking. Any ideas? Safe to drive this weekend? It’s back to the shop on Monday.

Yes it should be still safe to drive since the mechanic did not spot any obvious damage. Is it coming from one side or the other? Ocassionally a stone can get into a hubcap and make that noise, sometimes a lug nut falls off and makes that noise, but in your case I think it may be a cv joint or wheel bearing. Both of these in time will become very clear what the problem is. It could be totally different from my suggestions as being there is best, and congratulations to you for wanting to catch a problem early.