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Steering problems mostly

I’ve got an Audi 100 from 1991. It’s got about 152000 miles on it. I bought it last summer off of eBay motors.
I’ve had it looked at by about ten mechanics on various issues. Most were unhelpful. The first said that it needed a new master cylinder as well as brake booster and reservoir. We couldn’t find them. Later another mechanic replaced the power switch and so then the brake light went off. But the anti-lock brake indicator is always lit.
I jolted the vehicle on a curb a few months later. That ruined the steering wheel and so then I had the control arm and sway bar replaced.
Right now I’m having problems with the steering. It’s pretty stiff. The car tends to veer right as well. I’m guessing that part is related to the alignment.
Last week a mechanic looked at it and explained that the steering would be stiff when it’s starting up cold but I still don’t like the feel of it. He said that to replace the pump would be expensive and the replacements might not work either.
Can I get your advice on at least the steering problem?

Key statement … [quote=“mmitsalo, post:1, topic:99374”]
jolted the vehicle on a curb

I do not know what you mean by [quote=“mmitsalo, post:1, topic:99374”]
ruined the steering wheel
[/quote] but any curb hit hard enoung toi require control arm replacement was quite the hit.

I’d say you damaged the steering rack when you hit the curb. RockAuto shows rebuilt units for about $250 expect at least that much more to install one and another $50 for an alignment.

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it was quite a high curb. i had gone down a one-way. no one was around but
the curb was on the street i turned onto. i was able to drive home 80
miles away but to go straight i had to hold the steering wheel at a 45
degree angle as if turning left. i’ve talked to european auto repair
places and they quote me about 400 for alignment. i might just take it to
a junkyard.