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2014 Audi A4 stiff steering


My Audi A4 2015 (manual transmission) steering started getting very stiff as if no power steering - replaced the tires and Dealer says nothing’s wrong. This seems to be worse in the colder weather (live in Northeast) and when I first start the car. Anyone have this problem? And a solution?

I assume you’ve checked the power steering fluid? My 2017 has an adaptive/programmable steering that you can set to ‘comfort’ or ‘sport’ does yours have such a system?

The dealer said there was no power steering fluid on this model. The adaptive steering seems to have no effect. I’m beginning to think the “intermediate steering shaft” needs to be replaced - does that ring true for anyone?

Electrically assisted power steering, not hydraulic.

It is possible that a failing intermediate shaft could cause that problem

Did you tell the Audi service center your problem and ask them to investigate it for a solution? What did they say?

I complained about it twice - and they couldn’t find a problem, but don’t know what they checked - that is why I posted - taking it back tomorrow for a third time - doesn’t feel safe.

Yes - it was the “intermediate steering shaft” but they broke something else in the process - part ordered.

If the “fix” doesn’t take, ask to test drive another similar car on the lot, to compare if the steering on that car feels the same as yours, or not.