Tire Meets Curb

First off I drive a 2001 Audi A6, great car, always a pleasure to be behind the wheel, not so much pleasure from all the costs though.

I was driving home today in this wonderful New England weather and hit a curb going 15 mph while taking a turn. Being very close to my home, I continued my drive. The steering wheel is pulling heavily to the left now, as to be expected. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to examine the overall damage just yet, will have to deal with the bad news in the morning.

From what I can tell so far it seems as if the left wheel may be out of place, it seems to have pushed backwards.

I’m looking as to what possible problems I may be dealing with, and estimates on how much the solutions will cost me. I really appreciate any help that I may receive.

It will be impossible to determine repair costs without seeing the vehicle.

When one gets whacked like this the control arm is normally something that gets damaged.
It’s possible a strut, sway bar, or even a subframe could be damaged along with the wheel rim and hub but that’s impossible to determine from my perspective.

However, I’ve done a lot of curb strike repairs and the wheel being pushed backwards makes a control arm issue at a minimum a pretty safe bet.

Yep pretty hard to tell or estimate especially on an Audi. I have seen the tie rod end actually get bent too. That would be $100 and an alignment on a standard car but on an Audi, who knows?