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Steering problem

After backing our from perpendicular parking, my power steering assist failed completely. It felt like the engine conked out, but it actually purred smoothly. After struggling to steer into the main lane, the steering worked normally. Has anyone experienced this before. Can it happen while I drive in the highway?

If you have a failing pump or rack, yes it can happen anytime. Go get it checked out for sure.


We Really Don’t Know If You’re Driving A 15 Year-Old Car With 250,000 Miles Or A One Year-Old Car With 12,000 Miles. Please State The Model-Year And Approximate Miles On This Mystery-Mobile T&C.


Sorry, I thought I tagged it. I drive a 2003 Chrysler T&C Limited, with 106,000 miles.

First Thing To Do Is Check The Power Steering Fluid Level. Have You Noticed Any Leaking Fluid ?

Carefully add fluid if it’s low and then try it. I believe the correct fluid is Mopar “ATF + 4” Automatic Transmission Fluid, but verify this in your Owner’s Manual.

Then you’ll need to find the leak.

Some 2003 (2002 - 2004) T&Cs have had problems with fluid leaks from the P.S. fluid hoses, according to Chrysler.


The serpentine belt tensioner on these cars can freeze due to corrosion. As the belt wears the tension on the belt decreases and the power steering pulley slips on startup.If this is what is wrong, the belt won’t make any noise when the steering is stiff but will squeal briefly when the power steering starts working.
If the belt is squealing and the power steering is not working, then you have low fluid or a bad pump or rack.