2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser quits

Why would my PT Cruiser steering suddenly quit working? One minute its fine, then with out any warning it stops working.

Can you give us any more information? Is the check engine light on? If so have you had the codes read? How many miles on your PT Cruiser? Has it been in any accidents? When was the alignment checked last? Have you had an work done on it recently? Are there any other symptoms present prior to the steering quitting (do you hear any noises when you go to steer the vehicle?)? Is it just the power steering that fails (ie you can still steer it, but it’s extremely difficult to do so) or does the entire steering fail?

Because it broke. Things break. Now it is time to take to someone who can fix it.

And it is a Chrysler PT Cruiser so more things will unexpectedly break, strange things, and often. Not the best quality car.

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My guess would be a frozen belt tensioner for the serpentine belt that drives the power steering pump.

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