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Power steering trouble

Hi all, my apologies if this is posted in the incorrect place.
Anyways i have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 5.3L that is having some difficulties with the power steering, let me explain. About 2 weeks ago i noticed when i first started my truck that the steering was stiffer than normal, so i checked the fluid and indeed it was low. Great i thought i will add some more power steering fluid, which i did and bam instantly fixed. Well fast forward to yesterday and all of a sudden now the steering is even worse. I thought dang i must be leaking fluids, but no the fluid level was just fine. I checked it both when the engine was hot and cold. The real mystery of this is that i am not hearing any weird noises, no whining or signs of a bad belt. Maybe the pump is going bad? Not sure what is going on here any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Look to see if the U-Joint that connects the steering column to the power steering box or rack is not binding up and or loose.

When you look for leaks…dont just look at the reservoir…you need to look under the truck at the power steering rack or box…not sure which they used on this vehicle…but you get my drift. If you have fluid loss…ever…than you have a leak.


Does the car have a hydraulic power brake booster? Many of these trucks have a brake booster runs off the power steering pump. Look for power steering hoses going to towards the master cylinder.

Do the brakes feel funny? If the engine is off and you press on the brakes, does it feel like there is any assist? Try this, start the truck, let it run 15 seconds, press the brake, Is it OK? Now, foot off the brake, turn the truck off, step on the brake. Does it feel the same? Release and press the brake again. Still OK? No? Restart the truck, Does the pedal push back? If it does, the brake booster is likely bad and it affects the steering.

GM has issued a TSB #06-02-32-013A concerning the loss of power steering assist.

The power steering pump may produce low pressure or no pressure due to contaminated/dirty power steering fluid, causing the pressure relief valve to stop functioning.

Flush the power steering system with the proper equipment and power steering fluid to remove any contaminates.


One time I had a problem develop after adding PS fluid to the pump. I removed the dipstick to the PS pump and let the engine run for a few minutes that way, and it seemed to fix the problem. I think there was some air that got into the system .

it’s a 5.3 liter Silverado, so it’s a 1/2 ton truck. As such, it has rack and pinion steering and a vacuum brake booster

Still has U-Joints in the connection of the steering wheel and the rack tho…just take a quick looksie at that joint…then move on. I only mention this because a faulty or binding u-joint in this connection once stumped me for almost a full day… I suspected everything BUT that damn thing… It created all sorts of trouble with the feel of the steering and really had me on a troubleshooting tear…i will never forget it actually. So…just a quick looksie at it please…wont hurt ya.

But otherwise the gents here are making excellent points to consider…no doubt bout that


My father-in-law’s 2007 Buick had to have some linkage part in the steering replaced. I don’t recall it exactly but I saw the repair bill recently. IIRC it was upstream of the rack and pinion.