2009 Caddilac CTS Power Seering

My 2009, 6 cylinder, 3.6, AWD Caddy CTS with 175K miles as started to have steering problems. No squealing or funny noises, just very hard to steer, at low speeds and high speeds. Ocassionally it is fine but most of the time very hard, esspecially at low speeds, trying to park and things like that. My question is : how can I tell if its the power steering pump or the steering rack or maybe, and hopefully just a relay or fuse before I bring it to get repaired. If I know its the pump I can just get a peplacement from rock auto and bring it to my local mechanic and save a ton of money. If its the rack I’m stuck taking it to the dealer and losing my house to pay for it.

Call your local Cadillac dealer about #PIC5058A, Service Power Steering C0450.

The wiring harness for the power steering can chafe on the right cylinder head causing a lack of power steering assist.


Thanks. Ill check that out. I just had similar problem with gas peddle. Had to have 3 wires jumped. They replace peddle twice before they figured it out.