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Power steering OUT!

We have a 2000 LHS with the power steering out! My machanic whom I trust has replaced the rack 2x, the pump 3x and the lines! It works each time foe a few minutes and out again! He says that the lines have enough pressure! He’s at his wits ends! HELP!! Thanks, Bill

There is a filter built into a lower corner of the pump resivor.If you can’t get it cleaned out, replace the resivor.

Thanks for the reply! We checked the filter and it is OK! Six times, parts have been replaced(lines,rack,pump)! On six occations, it worked for a short time(minutes)! One time, it worked for 10-15 miles! Two times, it did not work! Go figure!! Any other thoughts, ANYONE??? Bill

Define going out. Does this mean howling/whining, jerkiness, erratic (fine one second, bad the next), complete loss of power assist, wandering, etc.

Complete loss of power assist! Thanks, Bill

First off, I’m not a late model Chrysler expert by any means; nor do I want to be. :slight_smile:

Since the steering system is pretty simple the few things I can come up with are:
Belt? Any chance this belt is just not getting a bit on the pulleys?
Weak belt tensioner causing the above?
Electronic fault with a power steering pressure switch. (any codes been scanned?)
Car have an external fluid cooler for the PS? Possibly clogged?

That’s probably not much to work on but the problem obviously cannot be in the lines, pump, or steering rack so one has to look at the fringe possibilities.