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Steering parts

I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Extra Heavy Duty truck with 68K miles. When I turn the steering wheel approx 90 degrees left or right, turning tight enough for parking lots and side streets, there is a warbling noise coming from the front. This only happens when the truck is moving. Turning the wheels when it is stopped does not produce the noise. I presume that something in the steering mechanism needs service or replacing, but I’m not sure what. What is the most likely candidate that is at fault?


Are you turning against the steering stops? If so that may be the problem. Your owners manual probably tells you not to do that because the pump pressure is very high when it’s against the steering stop. It can damage the power steering system. If you are not turning against the stops then the front end needs to be checked out by a good front end mechanic.