Steering issues

I have a 2003 Mountaineer that has 143,000 miles. The problem I’m having is that when I’m pulling out of may driveway or parking for example, I hear a rubbing sound in the front end and it almost sound like it’s in the rear end as well. I finally figured out yesterday in my driveway that when I’m backing out without my foot on the either the brake or gas (driveway is at a small incline) and I crank the wheel to either left or right the car comes to a stop. That is what the rubbing sound is, the brakes!!!

What could cause the car to come to a stop when I turn the wheel to either far right or left going forward or reverse at a slow rate of speed?

Thank you for your time!!!

Doug Macias

Kansas City, MO.

Did you change the size of your tires?

mshugna is on he right track. Aftermarket rims and tires that are not fitted properly may cause tire rubbing on fenders and frames. With the effects your having, you should be able to see the rub marks where the tires are hitting something. This is what is causing your issue, and it is probably damaging the tires where you can’t see it.

Have the wheel bearings inspected for wear. If the bearings are worn this can cause the rotors to lean into the brake pads when turning the wheel causing the brakes to grab.


This is a reply to mshungna also.
No, I have not changed the tires or rims, all factory size.

Thanks! I’ll have them checked out.