Rear-right wheel is rubbing

This morning I gave my '97 Geo Prizm an oil change & 4-tire rotation. As I drove away from the shop, the rear-right wheel (14-inch) rubbed–with every revolution. I went home anyway. As I returned to the shop after lunch, the wheel rubbed only when I made right turns. I got a mechanic to ride with me to confirm the problem, but being New Years Eve they were short-handed, so they couldn’t investigate today. (This same rubbing noise has occurred before, when I’ve made a fast right-turn into my workplace parking lot. But LEFT turns don’t seem to cause this rubbing.)

What is likely the problem? (I don’t carry heavy things around in the trunk; odometer is just 71K) Why did a tire rotation “trigger” this previous condition? Is it possible I’ll have to buy a new wheel?

It’s hard to tell from here but it should be really easy for the shop to find.
Do you live where yo might have a slush buildup in the wheel well?

We did get some snow last night, but not much–that’s not the prolem. My hunch is that I’ve made too many hard-right turns into the parking lot at work. Let’s say some bearings are
worn–would that mean I’d need to buy a new wheel?

Nope. Although it sounds like it’s coming from the rear, it’s more likely coming from the front. It may be just a brake wear indicator rubbing or it could be something like a CV joint. I’ve personally had a wear indicator make a rubbing sound only when turned hard in one direction.

Are all the wheels the original wheels? Are all the tires the same size? Are there any wear marks or cuts on the tires?