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Right rear wheel rubbing/sticking

1997 Rav4 2 wheel drive, manual, 140K miles. DRUM brakes on the rear.

While rotating the tires I gave each wheel a spin(other wheels were blocked, parking brake off, out of gear) to test that they spun freely.

The rt rear wheel would spin freely, then hit a point where I could hear a rubbing noise accompanied by slowing of the wheel spin. This sticking point encompassed maybeabout 45 degrees of the tire rotation, then would spin freely for the remaining 315 degrees of spin. The wheel would come to a halt at this sticking point.

The left rear wheel spun freely with out the rubbing/sticking.

What could this be?

Thanks in advance.

There’s probably a brake shoe dragging on that drum. Why does it do it only part way of the rotation? As brake drums wear they don’t remain perfectly round. You can try backing off the shoes for that drum. But the auto-adjuster in that brake drum will just set the shoes back to that position. This happens on a lot of brake drum systems, and is actually nothing to worry about.