Rubbing noise at right front tire

I have had a rubbing noise at the right front tire for about 1.5 years. I have not been able to determine the cause. The noise only occurs when the disc / caliper (and pad assy) and attached and bolted with tire and lug nuts or just lug nuts. It is a metal rubbing noise. Also important, I have hit a curb with that tire. I cannot find the cause of the noise. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to look at?

I don’t understand all of your post, but the part where you say you hit a curb makes me think that the wheel may be slightly bent and rubbing on the caliper. Perhaps you only hear it when there is some mud caked inside the wheel.

Sorry, the first post is hard to understand so I will try to explain.
About 1.5 years ago I hit a curb with my right front tire. Since that time I have heard a rubbing noise. To try to diagnose, I removed the tire and wheel assy then spun the rotor / hub assy. I could not hear the noise. Next I put the lug nuts on the studs to apply pressure on the rotor (as the tire assy would). This time I could hear the rubbing noise. I inspected the parts as they spun but did not notice anything warped / bent. My guess is either the rotor or hub is bent. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what maybe wrong and how I can check?

When you had the wheel off, you should have looked for rubbing marks on all the components.

If you didn’t, look again. All we can see is a keyboard and screen filled with nice letters and colors.

I didn’t notice any rubbing marks. It sounds like the rotor is contacting the brake pads as it spins that is why I am thinking bent hub or rotor.