2003 Camry Unusual noise

I own a 2003 Camry with low milage (39,000).

If, for example, I am backing into a parking spot and cutting the wheel hard I get what sounds like a rubbing sound. I also feel a slight vibration through the gas pedal. The sound is not limited to backing up but seems to occur when cutting the wheel hard. Again, as an example stopping at a stop sign and needing to turn the wheel sharply to get onto the street. Does this sound familiar to anyone?



If your tires (front or rear) are not rubbing on anything, then it sounds like a bad CV joint, which never should go bad in 40K miles.

I’d check out the power steering fluid level as well as the condition of the PS pump drive belt.

Also, put your head under the hood and have someone turn the wheel fully. I’ll bet you’ll hear the pump making your sound.

If you mean this sound occurs when the steering wheel is turned to where it can’t be turned any further, that’s normal. You’ve dead-headed the power steering pump and it’s trying to apply pressure to a piston that can’t move any further. And then the belt slips.


This generation Camrys’ are notorious for early steering rack problems, might not be your problem but worthwhile to look into.