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Steering gearbox

I have a 2006 Chevy 2500 with a leaking steering gearbox. It is leaking where the steering column goes into it. What do I have to do to repair this problem?

Disconnect the steering shaft from the steering box and replace the seal…

Is the truck driven at low speed making tight turns that require the wheel to be held at its limit? When the wheel is at its full lock position the pressure dead heads in the housing and causes fluid to seep past the seals. Possibly you have already needed to replace the pressure hose on the system.

The truck is used for all types of driving, high speed and low speed in tight areas. I have not needed to replace any hoses yet, but I do need to replace this seal, it leaks even when the truck is not running.

The stub shaft bearing may be worn out. When the pressure is well withing specifications and steering gears leak the entire gear is usually replaced. Incidentally, is it possible that someone mistakenly poured brake fluid into the power steering reservoir?

I know that no one has poured brake fluid into mthe power steering reservior as I do all of my own work on this truck and I have had it for over two years now.

I still would like for someone to tell me how to get this seal out of the geerbox.

Here is one way…