Steering Assembly U-joint busted - 93 Mustang

One of the steering assembly u-joints is busted. It’s at the mechanic right now, and he says he can’t find the part. I’ve found a few performance steering assemblies, but they are not quite exactly like the original parts. If I buy something, he’ll put it in, but I am afraid I’ll buy a part that doesn’t fit my car and have blown 200 bucks.

Here’s what I found:

Flaming River U-joint assembly


Maximum Motorsports Steering Shaft Assembly


UPR Manual Shaft Kit


I’m not trying to make my car a performance machine; I just want to fix the steering. Any thoughts?

car details:

93 Mustang 2.3L, power steering, manual transmission, 178k mi.

OE was 200 dollars, obsolete now, so any of those will do just fine.

When it comes to hard-to-find parts like this, a local auto recycler is one source for a part, and at a much lower cost.