Steering problem in Germany

My brother bought a 1965-66 Mustang several years ago, shipped it to his hometown in Germany and is restoring it eversince. He is having trouble right now with the new steering shaft which is :
1965-1966 Mustang complete power steering conversion kit. Fits 65-66 Mustangs with power steering and 289/302/351W V-8. Includes all necessary components for conversion.
Part # 999023
Borgeson Universal Company.

He tells me that he has play in the steering, about two centemeters on each side. He further tells me that the flexible rag joint functions at a 100% and the problem is definately coming from the steering (gear, box, or integral gear). He has already adjusted the screw from the gear box which didn’t make a difference. A mechanic at the shop was not successful either.

He wonders if there is something that he missed doing while installing the steering. I wouldn’t put it past him if it were something simple.

Can anybody help?

Thank you, Jen


If you will read page 30, it seems to state that messing around with the adjustments will void Borgeson’s warranty.

Perhaps you or your brother should contact the technical support department.