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Mustang II steering on old hot rod

Hi Guys,

New owner of a 1940 Ford Deluxe.

I got this car delivered to me and when it was coming off the car carrier it slipped on the wet ramps and fell of the ramps a bit. The only real damage is that it ripped the passenger side of the steering rack off of the mount as you can see in the photo.

The whole thing is a bit puzzling because it almost seems like there was never anything holding it on properly, but whatever, I just need to get it back together.

I’m also including a photo of the passenger side mount bolt setup as it came off the vehicle. There was no washer between the bolt head and the metal bushing (is there supposed to be?) and there was no rubber bushing between the head of the bolt and the mount on the rack itself.

What exactly am I missing here? A rubber bushing that faces the other one and a washer to hold it down underneath the bolt head?

I’ve been searching all over the place and nothing really shows me exactly how it’s supposed to look. I’m hoping you guys can help me understand.

Third photo is the # on the rack itself. The distance between the mounts is 15.5". On the remaining rubber grommett it says Gould 63457.

Thank you!

It would appear one of the mounts/bushing for the rack and pinion has come apart.


Doesn’t the carrier have some kind of insurance for accidents like this .

We are in process of removing manual rack and putting in pwr rack on my dads car. We had to put in offset bushings for the mounts. I think mounting parts are somewhat standard on this task.

Yes, it looks like a washer should be there. Pretty sad without one because the rack might come off again without undue stress.

you could remove the bolt from the right side to compare it to the left side. both parts should be the same.

That doesn’t look right to me. There should be rubber bushings on both sides with a washer that matches the OD of the bushing flange. The one that is still connected looks like there is no bushing. Perhaps whoever installed it originally did not do it correctly to begin with? I would have expected an ear to break off when the incident occurred so maybe a blessing in disguise?

your alt is down low. i can see it in pic. ours is on top of motor. we got the pump mounted but had to try several as the reservoir was hitting the block. its always something.