Control arm - ball joint assembly

I have a 2004 Mercury Monterey van and have been having a heck of a time trying to find parts Moog - K80724 / K80725, or Doorman 521-037 and 521-038 control arm and ball joints; anybody got a source? The mechanic said Ford wants $1400 for these assemblies, and if I can get it from Moog I will save more than $800, which in today’s economy or any economy is a lot!! But I can’t even get a response if they still make these? Nobody seems to have them onhand; anybody have some good news or help? Thanks.

They sell these parts here.


Thanks for the input. I’ve been to RockAuto and did not list either of these as part of their inventory. Just checked again and still not listed. They have a Raybestos, but it kicks back as out of stock and I’ve yet to find out if they truly have the AC Delco in stock, but am curious if it would even work; aren’t Delco more for GM vehicles? Would AC Delco make a part for a Ford/Mercury vehicle? I thought Motorcraft was more the part mfg for Ford, and those suckers are expensive!!!

I found the ball joint/control arm units under the suspension catagory, control arm.


Understood, but not those models. I’ve scoured the internet long enough. Talked to the mfg of the Moog control arm/ball joint myself and they said they can’t source the part and it’s best to go to Ford. Most of what people wrote about the Ford parts is that they were usually inferior to many of the aftermarket parts; I ordered the ac delco parts from rockauto. It’s costing a boatload, but they supposedly at least have them in stock. Now, how much should it cost to have these installed??