Starting troubles 1989 Camaro

Have a 1989 RS Camaro 305 with starting issues. Replaced battery, alternator, starter and snipped battery wires for clean, non-corroded wire. After replacing battery she Cranks right up. All day the Battery Gage will show perfect no matter how many times you shut her off or drive, it’s like this every time you replace the battery and charging the battery does not do this. Next day she’ll start right up but Gage will be low: after getting to my destination acts as if alternator or starter is bad. Try again, same thing… a couple more, nothing, no power, no lights… It’ll cycle through this while jumping her off or not. Jumping will start the car immediately… usually. If not, leaving cables on longer will… sometimes. And other times will not make any clicking, and by pressing gas will start.

Bought back in January, replaced just about everything you can except the engine with 130,000 miles (currently) and Just over $4,000.00 in parts. When running she has no issues, just shows Gage low.

I’m at a lost. I thought maybe the terminal wires were bad, so today I took them off the ports and pulled back to fresh Clean wires. Reconnected, also with fresh ground, started up and showed full battery. For three start ups and then went back to the usual explained above. A couple mechanics have tried and failed, I just don’t know, even checked the main ground to the battery terminals and did the splicing and connection, still same problem.

Want this vehicle to be a daily, anyone have any ideas?

Also I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it or not but she will over heat if the Fan/AC/Heat is not on.
And all gages except for battery Gage is two notches off. Speedo is 10 miles under actual speed and RPM is 2-3 under, gas gave is around d a quarter off and oil Gage the same. Again car has all of it’s horse power with no hesitation. Burns out in reverse and if power issue is present will still run the same for hundreds and hundreds of miles or idle for hours upon hours with no issues as long as air is on… Dumb Founded -.-

Your alternator is likely bad. Test the voltage while the car is running with a voltmeter…not the gauge in the car… a real voltmeter. You should see 13.7 to around 14.5 volts when the car is running. If you see close to battery voltage, the alternator or its connections are bad.

The cooling problem is likely the temp sensor switch screwed into the engine. The AC forces the fan to run, the temp sensor triggers the fan when the temp comes up.

You will have lots of issues using a 31 year old car as a daily driver. As long as you are willing to continually work on this car and deal with the lack of reliability, go for it.

Get one of these…it plugs into your cigarette lighter and monitor your charging system in real time.You can buy it at your nearest Walmart or order online on amazon.