1988 cmaro no start

i have a 1988 camaro with a 350 tune port that has been modiffied, befor i got it. it has about 78,000 milies on it. the problem is that it starts fine when it is cold, but when it warm and i try to start it it woun’t turn over. some times i wait and it will start then . other tiemit still woun’t. also it will start fine if i put on a battery boster on it. any ideas what is wrong?


Is the battery fully charged at the time you try to start it when warm?

Starters take most of the battery charge when cranking a motor over and if the battery is weak OR the starter gets ‘heat soaked’ you’ll have a problem starting.

Are both battery cables and connections (both at the battery and the starter) clean, in good condition and wrench tight?

You might want to do a full load check on the charging system to ensure the alternator, etc. is ok. Use a multi-meter for accurate readings.

GM cars (due to using the big lug on the starter as a bus point) have this problem quite a bit. The problem is caused by to many little voltage drops,that add up to one that is significant.

I bought a kit (really was just a FORD starter relay and a jumper bar) that moved the bus point and recovered much off the losses. If you are dropping to much voltage across the neutral safety switch this bus point relocation fix will not solve that problem, you will have to fix that in addition.

So my call is various voltage drops adding up and not enough left for the solenoid on the starter.

Could be a heat soaked starter, which is not a rare thing to happen. Worn bushings and brushes can contribute to this problem so a new starter may be in order.

Next time it acts up you might lean underneath and whack the starter hard a few times with a mallet. If it starts then you know the starter is faulty.