Starting Problems

my 1999 accord coupe 4 cylinder 5speed won’t start sometimes you get all lights sometimes you get a click sometimes you don’t and then it may start minutes or hours later if you pop the clutch it will start with no problem checked all basic battery and things like that and sometimes if you rock it back and forth it may start minutes later it’s a pain in my rear end

The battery can be tested at an auto parts store or by a mechanic. Assuming it’s good and the battery cable connections are clean and tight, I’d start thinking about the ignition switch as the source of the problem.

The switch has two parts; the lock cylinder and the electrical switch. The switch part can be replaced separately from the lock.

Thanks battery connected and cables are tight, like you mentioned maybe the ignition switch just happened again and started after 10 minutes

How old is that battery? Does temperature make a difference?