99 Honda Accord problems (with VIDEO)



I need the opinion of experts.

My Honda Accord sedan 1999 with 173K miles has a problem that my mechanic has not been able to fix. He has so far: done a tune-up, changed the idle sensor, but the problem is still there.

Here’s a video of what happens when I’m trying to start the car after its warmed up after a normal drive.


It won’t start without me pressing hard on the gas pedal to rev it. The dashboard lights flicker like there was some sort of electrical malfunction.

Sometimes it happens in traffic. When it does, it is usually when I’m stopped at a light, and getting ready to make a turn.

But when it happens while I’m moving, the car jerks forward suddenly and the RPM drops to zero, but seems to recover a split second afterwards and the engine doesn’t die.

Can someone tell me what could be the problem?


Maybe a bad ground connection or connection to the vehicle’s computer. It also could be a bad ignition switch or possibly a bad relay for the engine computer also.

Get an electrical specialist on this.


I agree with Andrew J. This looks like an electrical problem. A bad connection somewhere. Start with the battery cables. Check BOTH ends of both cables for clean, tight connections, and check the continuity of the cables themselves. Then start checking every other electrical connection you can find. The ignition switch is a possibility, too.


Wow… that is bad. I agree with the other two posters here, that’s definitely an electrical problem, and I have to think that it can’t be good for some of the more delicate electrical systems in the car (specifically the ECM.)

I’m going to suggest that it could be the ignition switch. A lot of current passes through that switch, it gets warm, and things “get wonky”. That’s my idea, anyway, I’d have your mechanic look there.


Thanks guys! I’ll do that. I’ll suggest that he look at the electrical system. I think I might show him the video as well.