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Honda Accord '98 starting problem

I have a 1998 4cy Accord,manual transmission. A few months ago I noticed that it didn’t start right away when I turned the key in the ignition. It would make one ‘click’ sound, I’d turn the key again and it would start. It did this once every 2 weeks or so. A few weeks ago it became more frequent, happening every 3-4 days.

A week ago it was happening daily, once or twice. But always would start. I had the battery checked; it was okay, as was the alternator. I just cleaned the battery terminals and clamp. After reconnecting the battery it would not start and needed to be jump started with neighbors car. That worked. Today it started fine. After a few trips where I started and stopped the care I went to start it and when I turned the key I got a very loud ‘click’. Tried again and it started, although it seemed to take a bit for it to start. Afraid the car wouldn’t start so I left it running at all my customers homes today.

I stopped by the mechanics and he thinks it is the starter. I have an appt Wed morning to have it checked and likely a new starter installed. Does it sound like the starter? Other thoughts on the problem. The weather in western MA has been quite hot this summer, although it was only in the high 70’s over the weekend when I got the ‘click’ a few times.

A starter is perfectly plausible. If the battery & alternator both tested fine, and the terminals & battery posts were cleaned, the other thing to check out is the condition of the cable itself. It may have corrosion under the insulation. Then the is the connection at the starter - I’d clean those connectors too and see what happens.