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Car won't start Mystery ,1999 Honda Accord Coupe

We have a '99 Honda Accord Coupe, (Daughter’s Car). Occasionally, and for unknown reason, the car simply won’t start - The starter turns, but simply will not start. If we let it sit for some period of time, then try it again, it will likely start right up, no problem.

We’ve taken this to several shops, including a Honda Dealer, all say they can’t detect anything wrong. The key here is whenever we take it in to have it looked at, the problem can not be repeated. The Honda dealer even gave us a free tow card so it can be towed to them when it happens again. When we did that, once it got to them, it started right up! In all other respects, it’s a great car, only we have no idea when it won’t start. To me, when it won’t start, it sounds as if it’s just not getting fuel, but what do I know. It’s a V-6, EX. Please help.

I doubt if it is the cause, but when was the last time the plugs and wires were replaced?

Just for fun, I am going to guess it is a fuel pump acting up.

I had the same problem with the same car (4 cylinder) and it was a fuel pump relay switch. It is found under the steering wheel and is easily replaced. Several dealers could not find this problem in spite of the fact that it is a well-known issue with this model. I posted my problem on this site and several respondents pointed me in the right direction.

I agree with it most likely being the fuel pump relay.


Maybe the ignition switch. without going into to much depth, I been reading were Honda’s like my daughters are loosening all power for a split second, ect and the ignition switch is burned and melted / damaged, on 1998’s but maybe in her case it cranks but doesn’t continuing running after the start sequence. probably a long shot though huh.

Carry a can of starting fluid in the car. Next time it doesn’t start spray a little in thr air cleaner. If it starts briefly and dies it is a fuel delivery problem, You can also shut it off for a few minutes and listen to see if you hear the fuel pump come on when you turn the key to run. Fuel pump relays are, as others have said, a well known problem with Hondas.

Like the other poster’s 1998 Accord, I think the '99 is also under a Recall for the ignition switch, along with a few other Recalls. This can all be repaired free of charge at any Honda dealer so take care of all of the Recalls at once.

There are other things that can cause a problem like this (main relay, erratic fuel pump, etc.) but weed out the switch problem first since it’s a freebie.