Won't start battery checks good Manuel trans



Car won’t start just a click when turn the key. Any suggestions?


What steps did you do to make sure the battery is good? Did you do a load test? How old is the battery? If the dash lights come on and there is only a click the first thing to suspect is the battery. Can you get a jump? If the battery is indeed good the next thing to check is the starter.


Have the battery cables been checked and as Steve asks what has been done so far.


Have not checked the cables. Battery checked at Auto zone. Battery 2 yo Dash lights all bright head lights too. jump start did not work . Nothing happend !
How can I check starter? I am limited knowledge and tools. Thanks for your help


You are kind of stuck, with limited tools and knowledge, unless you are looking to learn some mechanical basics and have the time and a place to work. If you plan to jump in and try, you should understand that this time you probably won’t save much money, because you’ll be buying tools instead of paying a mechanic.


Check starter? As in remove. Ain’t that hard. But u might have to get under car. Jack? Ramps? Stands?


With a manual transmission, there is a starter safety switch on the clutch pedal that will not let the starter engage unless the clutch pedal is fully depressed. Honda puts a rubber or plastic bushing on the clutch tab for this switch that can crack with age and fall out. Once the bushing is gone, a hole in the tab prevents the clutch pedal from pushing the button in and allowing the starter to engage. I’d start there. A lot easier to fix than taking the starter out.


Have you tried push-starting the car? If it starts when you do that, it’s most likely the starter.


If it was the clutch safety switch, the OP wouldn’t hear a click when he or she turns the key.


If it uses a relay, you might. One of my Toyota’s will give a click if your foot is off the clutch. I caught myself a couple of times doing that.


Fails to crank then? Just a click? First thing for that is to clean the battery posts and connectors. Clean off the top of the battery thoroughly and if it is the type you can check the battery fluid level, check each cell and top off with distilled water as required. Reconnect. Best to then recharge the battery with a battery charger so you know it is fully charged. That can often solve this problem. If not you’d have to do some voltage measurements at the starter motor to know what to do next. From what you say about your diy’er experience level, you’d be better to let a shop do that for you.


Thanks for all the tips ! It looks like its the starter ,


What year and engine do you have in your Honda?