Starting issues still

1993 Plymouth Voyager SE this is the 4th time I have been tying to find an answer. Replaced the starter. Checked ground wire on starter. checked Alternator And Battery seems to be good. The Van still will not start. All started when a water hose broke then a censor broke th.en van died on freeway at 60 have not been able to get it restarted. Out of Ideas Tried everything I know and everything that was suggested. I need help. And I deas on what to try next??? Is there something between Battery and starter that needs to be checked I need a logical step.

What happens when you turn the key? Nothing? Click? Cranks but doesn’t start?

We need more clues.

Fuel pressure, compression, spark. Which of these have you verified?

what motor do you have?

I sotra remember your post.
Turn lights on and try to start,do they dim way down? If so if starter is good and I think you had it tested then 12-14volts are not getting to starter.
If lights do not dim I think I would look at selenold or key switch.
You also have need good ground to body and motor,did you check under coating of hot red battery wire?
Please give us more info.

You can’t start a new thread and expect anything better than what you have. I remember one of your most recent posts, but I don’t have any memory of the details. For instance, I can’t even remember if it cranks.

Go find your last post and reply there to bump it back up. Otherwise trying to help is just frustrating as everyone goes through all the same stuff again.

Here are your previous THREE posts (yes, count them THREE - and those are only the ones I found quickly):


If you have cleaned the battery connections and the starter is still clicking when you try to start the engine then the main battery cable to the starter may have internal corrosion inside it. You can use a jumper cable to bypass the connection to see if that works and if so replace the cable.