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1993 plymouth voyager starter help

Yesterday my car would not start, it make sure a single click when I turn the key. I got the battery tested and charged it was fine, but when I got under the van near the starter I hear like a whirring/slight bring you could say when trying to turn over. I tapped on the starter with a hammer and it seemed to try harder to start but no luck. I’m at a loss what could the problem be?

Assuming the connections are clean and good, whether it is the motor itself, the solenoid, or the bendix and gear that engages the flywheel of the engine, you are likely to just need a new starter assembly. It will come all in one unit. The only other thing would be if the teeth on the engine flywheel are stripped.

A signal click usually indicates the the solenoid contacts are worn. When a vehicle like this is towed in I just keep clicking the starter until it works, might take 5 to 10 attempts, much easier the pushing the vehicle into the shop. I think you will be replacing the starter.

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