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Starting Issues

1993 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 L engine

So far Replace a broken electronic censor I think it is an oil censor. gave it a basic oil change. Replaced a questionable starter. The Van still will not start. I am Getting two clicks Now when I try to start the Van. One sounds like it is from the starter the other I can not tell where it comes from. Any more Ideas the last few helped a little. I am still at a loss and I know very little on repairing this thing.

Any other Idea? Help???

Did the old starter make a click sound? Sure you have the correct replacement starter?

Did you test this starter (before installing) to make sure it works when it gets 12 volts?

Make sure you’re getting power to the starter when you turn the key. Starter relay?

Yes when the van stopped working the old starter did click only once then nothing.

I had the new starter tested at Shucks Auto before I bought it I watched it pass 3 test So I am sure the starter is good.

There is a Starter relay? Ok where do I find that? I think the Battery might be a little low So I am charging it now But every thing works . Just the van will not start. Look I am a mechanical type of Guy. And Money very short now I bought a new starter. As far as I can tell the starter is getting power. I need to figure out how to check that.