Starting problem saga

fyi: 96 mits 3000gt sl

It has been a 2 year saga that only got serious about 3 weeks ago.
I turn the key to start it and it went click(relay) 1 or 2 times only to start. That was the 2 years.
Recently i turned the key getting clicks for 10 min before it would start so i took it seriously to check the starting problem.
When it clicked sounding like a dead battery, i bought a new one with no improvement so i am looking at hte motor.
I got a rebuilt motor from O’reilys. It cranks very slow but starts. I got another one from the store thinking it was a lemon. the second one cranks the same even after a charge.
I tried charging the battery, cleaning the terminals, all with no change. I checked the hot wire to the starter and it has no voltage loss.
I’m nervous that i will be stuck somewhere where the starter just clicks again.
The original starter(the one that came with the car when i bought it new in 96) had alot more voltage drop - on the gauge when i crank than the rebuilt one.
I’m stumped. Anyone have an idea what to check?

Check the starter connections and any relays.

If you create a short from the started to the +ve lead of the battery will it start fine?

Are the starter mounting bolts tighten properly…any loseness?Its possible that the starter flange does not contact the case and looses ground.It happened to me!

I removed and installed between the original and 2 replacements multiple times and yes, i confirmed the starter was flush (seeing the gap disappear as i tightened the bolts) and “jiggling it” to make sure it was not loose.

There is a wire that goes straight from the battery + to the starter motor. I checked the voltage at the starter motor and i get the same voltage as the battery.
I am going to buy a ammeter and see how much current the starter is drawing. The battery i got meets the min ampsbut not my much. I am tempted to try a different battery also…

Check your ground wires and the strap to the engine. The direct path of the 12 volt is all well and good but the juice doesn’t flow unless the grounds are clean, tight and direct. And any 23 year old car is going to have some corroded grounds that need cleaning.

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O yeah, I already found some resistance in grounding earlier. i added a battery cable from the starter bolt straight to the battery ground terminal. It helped some(when i did this a few weeks before it just didnt crank) when i did this.

What is the voltage at the starter while trying to start?

I went to a different parts store and got another motor. Problem solved. So i got three lemons from O’reilys.