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Continued Starting Problem

1993 Plymouth Voyager SE 3.3 L engine

Third try maybe I can get some help ?

It all started with a broken water hose. When the Hose was fixed a censor ( think it was an oil censor it is electronic next to the oil filter was broke. Replace it. Also did a Oil Change on the Van. Now have replaced the starter. The van still will not start. I turn the Key and I get two clicks one sounds like it is coming from the starter the other, I just can not tell maybe the Alternator. Some one said there might be a starter relay I have no Idea where that would be at. Or how to check it.

I need some real help. I have no clue. Can anyone give me some Ideas to try ? I can not go much longer without transportation.

The first thing you need to do is clean the battery connections and see if that helps. If it doesn’t then check the charge level of the battery it may be low.

I know the Battery amperage is low The voltage is good but after all the tries The amps have to be low. Right?? The connection s have been cleaned. Every thing else works or at least appears to. I think if after charging battery if that does not work then the only thing left that I can think of is the Alternator. If that not it then i have 3500 pound paper weight. Or the engine is gone might as well junk it i bought it for 800 can junk it for about 300 . But I would rather have it running.

You need someone with a volt meter who knows how to use it, follow the 13 or so volts to see where it stops.
Have you checked under coating in hot wire for crud? Make sure you have a good ground from battery to both motor and frame.

Volt meter easy stuff I am a old computer guy from way back so volt meter is easy for me.

Okay will check did not get a chance to charge it up yep.

If your amperage is too low, the vehicle will not start. Volts are important, but amps are equally important. You need no less than 350-400 amps to start your van. Any less will give you nothing but clicks. A cheap load tester can be had for $20 or so to verify the condition of the battery. The gauge sweep is color coded for ease of use. If the battery tests good, the rest of the story may be best saved for a dark and stormy night.

I agree.
Sounds like a bad battery. Either the Alternator is not charging the battery or you have a dead cell in the battery. If it is a bad cell you will still get a 12 to 14 volts from the battery, but you will not have enough amperage to crank the engine.

Looks Like you guys could be right been charging the battery all day so far and it only at 75% Of course I started with a 6 amp battery charger running off of house current So it will take some time. Started it at 7:00 this morning. Should be ready by the time I get ready to leave here with any luck The van will start . Or maybe I just buy a new Battery. The auto parts Store said the Battery was good just low. That was a two weeks ago. Now going On 3 weeks and the Van still is not starting I can only hope all this will work. I can replace the Battery and If needed replace the Alternator. But I do not think there is a problem with the Alternator. I could be wrong Will not know until I get back home.

Check your ground wire. It should run from the starter to the engine block or frame.

Thanks JRH1960 I have a feeling about that. I think there could be a problem with that I know it came out of the plastic thing that was holding it I tried to get back in but could not tell if I did so Will check that too.