Starting ignition without Transponder Key

You may also be able to hook up a push button starter. Then you can get as many key cut and not have them programmed. This my not work on the newest cars, Cars earlier than 2014 should work with the research I have done.

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If all that is true you have to have a key then how is it that car Thieves making any money. every 2.3 seconds almost 100+ cars are stolen how is that possible if you “must have a” god Forsaken transponder key It’s not like they’re all the same and 100% universal and people have been known to just get in the car and be able to drive away how is this possible if you must have a transponder key and these are all facts and you must having the key is what the companies that sell the cars want you to believe. so conspiracy anyone and every car is 100% steal able. And I’m having the same problem with my 03 PT cruiser and get the same exact results but I know that people still PT cruisers all the time without a key how is that possible unless you can get around the transponder it’s just knowing what you’re doing. I don’t know what I’m doing but there’s somebody out there that does and I would like to know how they do that so I can break in my own car and get it started without the stupid transponder that does nothing in all reality and here’s a really good point I have a friend that had an 05 Dodge neon and the keys to it where in is pocket and he wa in Walmart for 20 min and it was stolen from him not even six years ago his keys were in his pocket and nobody got a hold of them to clone and yet his car was gone in under 20 min so I’m sorry but that’s bull’s fat pile of poop hot and steamy plus I do all my own repairs and replaced my brain and all I don’t have the money to pay for a Mechanic or the locksmith Me and my dad work on my car and his car because you don’t have the money

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You lost your key? Have a locksmith cut and program a new key. The local lock shop quoted $75 for a replacement key for my Dodge.

BTW not all PT Cruisers and Neons have Immobilizer systems, that is why some are stolen.

How did you replace your brain?

IHe did he definitely did and it was nice and and he asked the cart boy if there was a tow truck and he did not see one but I replaced my ecu the brain in the career you kidding I want to live where you are the guys here want 240 I might as well get the lock new transponder with keys for 50-70 bucks witch I’m a loser and will eventually be gone

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Do you have any options for the original poster to avoid spending money on their issue, or are you just here to yell at everyone?


For a Dodge/Chrysler product, all you need to do is go to a junkyard, find an identical model without the SKIM system which has the same engine and transmission type. Then buy the PCM and BCM from that car. Then remove the SKIM module, PCM, and BCM from your car and install the junkyard PCM and BCM. Your car will then start and run with a regular (non-chipped) key. Hope that helps.

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Hey you guys I’m the same clay from before but… I found this witch provides prof that I know what I’m talking about and not some crazy crack pot lmfao here read this article

Did you read this part, you still need a key programming tool

Locks are only deterrents. Any sufficiently knowledgeable and determined thief can steal your car. Making your car slightly harder to steal than the one next to it is sometimes a good deterrent. But if someone really wants your car, nothing will stop them. A flat bed is a good example. I can drag your car up onto a flat bed and be gone in a couple minutes. Now I have all the time in the world to circumvent your protections, if I choose to do so. Or just part it out.

Many years ago, I had a club.
Everyone told me how easy they were to defeat and it was stupid to use it.
Yet not once was my Cadillac touched when lesser cars around me were stolen.
Why? Because it was harder to steal with that club in place than the cars around me.
Most thieves are opportunists…

It’s like granny always said all any lock is good for is to keep honest people honest a crook will find someway to bypass any lock.